Jeopardy! contestants - Seasons 33 and 34 side-by-side

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Below are some statistics about the players who appeared on Jeopardy! in its 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons. Some notes:

SEASON 34 (2017-18)SEASON 33 (2016-17)
Total contestants428398445400
U.S. contestants418388437392
U.S. media markets97929186
U.S. states45 + DC45 + DC44 + DC43 + DC
10 largest media markets206192221201
Media centers (NYC + LA + DC)125120136126
Smallest market representedCasper, WY (198)Casper, WY (197)
Largest market not representedMiami (16)Tampa (13)Kansas City (33)Tampa (11)
Canadian contestants108
Canadian media markets44
Canadian provinces23
Teen Tournament markets(Not played in Season 34)11
Teen Tournament states12
Smallest market represented in the Teen TournamentHuntsville, AL (79)
College Championship markets1312
College Championship states1010
Smallest market represented in the College ChampionshipBaton Rouge, LA (94)Lexington, KY (63)
Teachers Tournament markets1513
Teachers Tournament states1310
Smallest market represented in the Teachers TournamentMedford, OR (136)Fort Smith, AR (99)

(Credits: Zap2it & TitanTV for TV schedules for each market; John Coryat (yes, that's actually the last name) for ZIP code maps; ThinkTV for a listing of Canadian market sizes, enabling me to rank them properly with the U.S. markets; and Ads for Carts - Nielsen DMA lookup tool.)

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