Jeopardy!: where and when

Assembling my countdown to Season 34 page meant pulling together airing times and places for each of the 210 Designated Market Areas in America. I started by using the show's own "where to watch" page, but it ended up not being good enough. For example, inputting 29601 for Greenville, SC returns WITN - which is the show's affiliate in Greenville, North Carolina. There's also some outdated data, particularly concerning smaller markets.

But it was noticing something about Las Vegas's data that triggered a deeper look. The show says it airs at 6:30 there, which would set it apart from every other market in the Pacific Time Zone by not airing at either 7:00 or 7:30. So I looked at TV listings for Vegas - and sure enough, you see J! at 7:00 on KLAS there. That triggered me to look at schedules for every single market. Fortunately, thanks to TitanTV and Zap2it, that's easier than one might think. For anyone interested: the list of ZIP Codes I used to accomplish this.

All but two U.S. TV markets have a local affiliate showing Jeopardy!; both of those two are among the smallest and don't have a full slate of Big Four network affiliates. Viewers in Zanesville, OH likely catch the show on WBNS (CBS Columbus), and I think it's available in Glendive, MT to cable subscribers on KUMV (NBC Williston, ND).

The four markets in Arizona and Hawaii are denoted with a caret (^), indicating they do not observe Daylight Saving Time. This sheet shows the offsets to Eastern time and aggregated data tables under Daylight Time; I have a separate version for Standard Time, which will appear in this space once DST ends in November.

I've added information for all of the Canadian stations airing the show that I'm aware of; many cable providers in Canada carry affiliates of United States networks that air Jeopardy!.

At the bottom, some breakdown tables. Perhaps someone can take this data and run an update on this blog post from 2014 graphically rendering this data.

The main table is sortable; clicking on a column's header cell will sort in ascending order; clicking again reverses the order.

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If anyone notes an error, please let me know via the email address on the site front page.

The tables below reflect 2019–20 market size estimates; they will be updated with 2020–21 figures when those are released by Nielsen Media Research, likely in late September 2020.

1New York6,824,120WABCABC7:00 PME7:00 PM
2Los Angeles5,145,350KABCABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
3Chicago3,256,400WLSABC3:30 PMC4:30 PM
4Philadelphia2,758,330WPVIABC7:00 PME7:00 PM
5Dallas-Fort Worth2,563,320KTXAIND6:00 PMC7:00 PM
6San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose2,364,740KGOABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
7Washington (Hagerstown)2,351,930WJLAABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
8Houston2,330,180KTRKABC11:30 AMC12:30 PM
9Boston (Manchester)2,302,680WBZCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
10Atlanta2,269,270WXIANBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
11Phoenix (Prescott)1,879,780KTVKIND7:30 PMM^10:30 PM
12Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota)1,800,600WTSPCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
13Seattle-Tacoma1,764,680KOMOABC7:30 PMP10:30 PM
14Detroit1,737,170WDIVNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
15Minneapolis-St. Paul1,697,370KARENBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
16Miami-Fort Lauderdale1,642,220WPLGABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
17Denver1,532,320KDVRFOX6:00 PMM8:00 PM
18Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne1,492,640WFTVABC7:00 PME7:00 PM
19Cleveland-Akron (Canton)1,366,110WOIOCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
20Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto1,317,500KXTVABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
21Charlotte1,125,970WCNCNBC7:00 PME7:00 PM
22Portland, OR1,112,500KATUABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
23St. Louis1,099,590KSDKNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
24Pittsburgh1,079,900WPXINBC7:00 PME7:00 PM
25Indianapolis1,053,830WTHRNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
26Baltimore1,039,490WBFFFOX7:00 PME7:00 PM
27Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville)1,025,320WTVDABC7:00 PME7:00 PM
28Nashville983,180WZTVFOX5:00 PMC6:00 PM
29San Diego981,650KNSDNBC7:30 PMP10:30 PM
30Salt Lake City952,470KJZZIND6:30 PMM8:30 PM
31San Antonio916,970KENSCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
32Kansas City896,850WDAFFOX2:00 PMC3:00 PM
33Hartford & New Haven885,890WTNHABC7:00 PME7:00 PM
34Columbus, OH877,490WBNSCBS7:00 PME7:00 PM
35Milwaukee837,300WDJTCBS6:00 PMC7:00 PM
36West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce828,980WPBFABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
37Cincinnati828,250WXIXFOX7:30 PME7:30 PM
38Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville-Anderson787,930WLOSABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
39Las Vegas743,220KLASCBS7:00 PMP10:00 PM
40Austin736,770KXANNBC4:00 PMC5:00 PM
41Jacksonville690,400WTLVNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
42Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News684,310WVECABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
43Oklahoma City666,690KFORNBC3:30 PMC4:30 PM
44Birmingham (Anniston & Tuscaloosa)666,170WIATCBS3:30 PMC4:30 PM
45Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek653,100WWMTCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
46Albuquerque-Santa Fe648,350KRQECBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
47Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York641,660WHPCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
48Louisville636,150WLKYCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
49Greensboro-High Point-Winston-Salem635,580WFMYCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
50New Orleans615,480WVUEFOX6:00 PMC7:00 PM
51Memphis580,600WREGCBS3:30 PMC4:30 PM
52Buffalo576,710WIVBCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
53Fort Myers-Naples564,250WBBHNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
54Richmond-Petersburg555,630WRICABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
55Fresno-Visalia550,680KFSNABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
56Providence-New Bedford543,430WPRICBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
57Mobile-Pensacola (Fort Walton)518,740WALAFOX6:00 PMC7:00 PM
58Tulsa509,560KTULABC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
59Albany-Schenectady-Troy500,400WTENABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
60Wilkes Barre-Scranton-Hazleton497,830WBRENBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
61Knoxville491,810WBIRNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
62Little Rock-Pine Bluff472,560KATVABC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
63Dayton445,240WDTNNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
64Lexington425,890WKYTCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
65Tucson (Sierra Vista)421,820KGUNABC4:30 PMM^7:30 PM
66Honolulu414,130KGMBCBS4:30 PMH^10:30 PM
67Green Bay-Appleton394,210WLUKFOX6:00 PMC7:00 PM
68Des Moines-Ames393,470WHONBC3:30 PMC4:30 PM
69Roanoke-Lynchburg384,120WDBJCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
70Spokane381,590KHQNBC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
71Omaha380,630WOWTNBC6:00 PMC7:00 PM
72Wichita-Hutchinson Plus378,930KSNWNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
73Springfield, MO373,700KSPR-LDABC5:00 PMC6:00 PM
74Charleston-Huntington367,290WSAZNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
75Columbia, SC365,850WOLOABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
76Rochester, NY361,750WROCCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
77Flint-Saginaw-Bay City360,530WNEMCBS7:00 PME7:00 PM
78Huntsville-Decatur (Florence)351,610WAAYABC3:00 PMC4:00 PM
79Portland-Auburn349,470WMTWABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
80Toledo347,480WTOLCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
81Madison343,350WMTVNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
82Waco-Temple-Bryan333,300KCENNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
83Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen331,520KVEO-DT2CBS3:00 PMC4:00 PM
84Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg330,920WPSDNBC3:30 PMC4:30 PM
85Colorado Springs-Pueblo327,530KKTVCBS6:30 PMM8:30 PM
86Shreveport321,190KTBSABC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
87Syracuse320,830WSYTFOX7:30 PME7:30 PM
88Champaign & Springfield-Decatur315,780WANDNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
89Savannah315,400WSAVNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
90Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City & Dubuque311,260KWWLNBC4:00 PMC5:00 PM
91Charleston, SC309,250WCBDNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
92Chattanooga305,340WTVCABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
93El Paso (Las Cruces)295,070KDBCCBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
94Baton Rouge293,610WBRZABC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
95Jackson, MS284,110WLBTNBC3:30 PMC4:30 PM
96Burlington-Plattsburgh283,080WPTZNBC7:00 PME7:00 PM
97Myrtle Beach-Florence277,560WBTWCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
98South Bend-Elkhart277,380WSBTCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
99Tri-Cities, TN-VA273,310WCYBNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
100Greenville-New Bern-Washington265,820WITNNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
101Fort Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers265,520KFSMCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
102Boise261,140KBOICBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
103Davenport-Rock Island-Moline259,590KWQCNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
104Reno254,040KOLOABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
105Evansville250,120WFIENBC3:30 PMC4:30 PM
106Johnstown-Altoona-State College248,880WATMABC7:00 PME7:00 PM
107Lincoln & Hastings-Kearney248,550KOLNCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
108Augusta-Aiken240,270WRDWCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
109Tallahassee-Thomasville239,650WCTVCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
110Fort Wayne238,610WANECBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
111Springfield-Holyoke231,600WWLPNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
112Lansing230,640WILXNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
113Sioux Falls (Mitchell)229,420KDLTNBC5:00 PMC6:00 PM
114Tyler-Longview (Lufkin & Nacogdoches)223,590KLTVABC11:00 AMC12:00 PM
115Youngstown220,670WKBNCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
116Fargo-Valley City218,360KXJB-LDCBS5:00 PMC6:00 PM
117Eugene218,200KVALCBS7:00 PMP10:00 PM
118Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kennewick215,940KNDONBC7:30 PMP10:30 PM
119Macon211,110WMAZCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
120Peoria-Bloomington209,320WMBDCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
121Traverse City-Cadillac209,210WPBNNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
122Montgomery-Selma207,020WAKACBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
123Lafayette, LA203,470KATCABC3:30 PMC4:30 PM
124Monterey-Salinas202,080KSBWNBC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
125Bakersfield200,460KBAKCBS7:00 PMP10:00 PM
126Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo195,870KSBYNBC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
127Wilmington189,830WECTNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
128Corpus Christi188,210KZTVCBS3:30 PMC4:30 PM
129La Crosse-Eau Claire185,920WEAUNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
130Columbus, GA (Opelika, AL)183,620WRBLCBS7:00 PME7:00 PM
131Chico-Redding171,710KNVNNBC7:30 PMP10:30 PM
132Amarillo162,010KFDACBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
133Columbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston161,740WTVANBC2:00 PMC3:00 PM
134Wausau-Rhinelander158,720WJFWNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
135Medford-Klamath Falls155,130KDRVABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
136Salisbury154,900WRDE-LDNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
137Columbia-Jefferson City154,210KOMUNBC4:00 PMC5:00 PM
138Rockford152,400WREXNBC4:00 PMC5:00 PM
139Duluth-Superior, WI150,930KBJR-DT2CBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
140Monroe-El Dorado148,210KNOECBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
141Palm Springs147,650KMIRNBC7:30 PMP10:30 PM
142Lubbock143,380KCBDNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
143Beaumont-Port Arthur143,130KBTVFOX5:00 PMC6:00 PM
144Topeka142,240KTKAABC5:00 PMC6:00 PM
145Odessa-Midland141,600KMIDABC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
146Minot-Bismarck-Dickinson (Williston)136,930KFYRNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
147Wichita Falls & Lawton132,830KAUZCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
148Sioux City131,210KMEGCBS6:00 PMC7:00 PM
149Panama City130,350WJHGNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
150Rochester-Mason City-Austin129,600KIMTCBS3:30 PMC4:30 PM
151Anchorage125,510KYURABC6:00 PMA10:00 PM
152Erie125,340WSEECBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
153Joplin-Pittsburg121,260KSNFNBC5:00 PMC6:00 PM
154Albany, GA120,240WSWGCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
155Biloxi-Gulfport116,300WLOX-DT2CBS6:00 PMC7:00 PM
156Gainesville114,400WGFLCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
157Wheeling-Steubenville, OH114,140WTOVNBC7:00 PME7:00 PM
158Sherman-Ada112,160KTEN-DT3ABC6:00 PMC7:00 PM
159Bangor111,070WVIIABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
160Terre Haute110,480WTWONBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
161Binghamton106,510WIVTABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
162Idaho Falls-Pocatello (Jackson)101,030KPVINBC6:00 PMM8:00 PM
163Missoula100,830KPAXCBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
164Abilene-Sweetwater100,790KTABCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
165Yuma-El Centro, CA99,710KYMA-DT2NBC3:30 PMM^6:30 PM
166Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill98,530WVNSCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
167Hattiesburg-Laurel96,000WDAMNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
168Billings91,950KTVQCBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
169Rapid City86,610KOTAABC6:30 PMM8:30 PM
170Lake Charles85,970KVHPFOX6:30 PMC7:30 PM
171Dothan85,140WRGXNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
172Utica84,750WKTVNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
173Clarksburg-Weston84,680WBOYNBC7:00 PME7:00 PM
174Quincy-Hannibal-Keokuk84,040KHQACBS12:00 PMC1:00 PM
175Harrisonburg84,030WHSVABC7:30 PME7:30 PM
176Jackson, TN78,940WBBJABC11:00 AMC12:00 PM
177Bowling Green72,620WNKYNBC6:00 PMC7:00 PM
178Elmira (Corning)72,530WETMNBC7:00 PME7:00 PM
178Alexandria, LA72,530KALBNBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
180Marquette71,920WLUC-DT2FOX7:00 PME7:00 PM
181Watertown71,180WWNYCBS7:00 PME7:00 PM
182Charlottesville70,490WVIRNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
183Jonesboro69,470KAIT-DT2NBC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
184Laredo65,530KYLX-LDCBS6:00 PMC7:00 PM
185Bend, OR63,720KOHDABC7:00 PMP10:00 PM
186Butte-Bozeman63,320KXLFCBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
187Lafayette, IN61,520WLFICBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
188Grand Junction-Montrose61,390KKCONBC4:30 PMM6:30 PM
189Lima56,850WLIONBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
190Meridian56,790WTOKABC11:00 AMC12:00 PM
191Twin Falls55,050KMVTCBS4:30 PMM6:30 PM
192Great Falls53,210KRTVCBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
193Parkersburg51,240WTAPNBC7:30 PME7:30 PM
194Greenwood-Greenville50,270WXVT-LDCBS12:00 PMC1:00 PM
195San Angelo50,220KLSTCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM
196Cheyenne-Scottsbluff, NE48,930KGWNCBS6:30 PMM8:30 PM
197Eureka47,550KAEFABC7:30 PMP10:30 PM
198Mankato46,920KMNF-LDNBC6:00 PMC7:00 PM
199Casper-Riverton43,760KCWYNBC6:00 PMM8:00 PM
200St. Joseph38,780KQTVABC4:30 PMC5:30 PM
201Ottumwa-Kirksville37,440KTVOABC2:30 PMC3:30 PM
202Victoria28,500KXTS-LDCBS6:00 PMC7:00 PM
203Fairbanks27,970KATNABC6:00 PMA10:00 PM
205Helena25,720KXLH-LDCBS6:00 PMM8:00 PM
206Presque Isle22,340WAGMCBS7:30 PME7:30 PM
207Juneau18,730KJUDABC6:00 PMA10:00 PM
208Alpena14,280WBKBCBS7:00 PME7:00 PM
209North Platte12,010KNPL-LDCBS4:30 PMC5:30 PM

Canadian stations

Hamilton, ON (Greater Toronto Area)CITSYes TV7:30 PME7:30 PM
VancouverCHEKIND7:30 PMP10:30 PM
CalgaryCKCSYes TV7:30 PMM9:30 PM
EdmontonCKESYes TV7:30 PMM9:30 PM
St. John's, NLCJON
IND8:00 PMN6:30 PM

By network

ABC51 (24.3%)44,309,200 (41.4%)
CBS71 (33.8%)24,009,080 (22.4%)
FOX12 (5.7%)7,430,370 (6.9%)
IND3 (1.4%)5,395,770 (5.0%)
NBC71 (33.8%)25,832,430 (24.1%)

By local air time

TimeStationsHouseholdsEDT (E)CDT (C)MDT (M)MST (M^)PDT (P)ADT (A)HST (H^)
11:00 AM3359,3203 / 359,320
11:30 AM12,330,1801 / 2,330,180
12:00 PM2134,3102 / 134,310
2:00 PM21,058,5902 / 1,058,590
2:30 PM137,4401 / 37,440
3:00 PM2683,1302 / 683,130
3:30 PM127,049,47011 / 6,949,7601 / 99,710
4:00 PM41,354,6404 / 1,354,640
4:30 PM3810,840,42034 / 9,888,0302 / 116,4401 / 421,8201 / 414,130
5:00 PM72,211,2907 / 2,211,290
6:00 PM279,271,83013 / 5,882,92011 / 3,216,7003 / 172,210
6:30 PM51,501,5101 / 85,9704 / 1,415,540
7:00 PM3331,519,07019 / 18,613,99014 / 12,905,080
7:30 PM7138,625,45064 / 33,416,4901 / 1,879,7806 / 3,329,180

By air time expressed in Eastern time

TimeStationsHouseholdsEDT (E)CDT (C)MDT (M)MST (M^)PDT (P)ADT (A)HST (H^)
12:00 PM3359,3203 / 359,320
12:30 PM12,330,1801 / 2,330,180
1:00 PM2134,3102 / 134,310
3:00 PM21,058,5902 / 1,058,590
3:30 PM137,4401 / 37,440
4:00 PM2683,1302 / 683,130
4:30 PM116,949,76011 / 6,949,760
5:00 PM41,354,6404 / 1,354,640
5:30 PM349,888,03034 / 9,888,030
6:00 PM72,211,2907 / 2,211,290
6:30 PM3216,1502 / 116,4401 / 99,710
7:00 PM3224,496,91019 / 18,613,99013 / 5,882,920
7:30 PM6633,924,28064 / 33,416,4901 / 85,9701 / 421,820
8:00 PM113,216,70011 / 3,216,700
8:30 PM41,415,5404 / 1,415,540
10:00 PM1713,077,29014 / 12,905,0803 / 172,210
10:30 PM85,623,0901 / 1,879,7806 / 3,329,1801 / 414,130

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