Season 37 Jeopardy! contestants - where they're from

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The main table includes all players who made their first appearance on Jeopardy! in 2020-21. Zach Newkirk, the winner of the final game of Season 36, did not defend in this season's opener due to ongoing travel concerns occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. When he returns, he will not be counted in the tables below.

What's here:

(Credits: Zap2it & TitanTV for TV schedules for each market; John Coryat (yes, that's actually the last name) for ZIP code maps; ThinkTV for a listing of Canadian market sizes, enabling me to rank them properly with the U.S. markets; and Ads for Carts for the lookup tools I use for both American and Canadian DMAs.)

Market size ranks reflect 2019-20 figures; they will be updated for 2020-21 when Nielsen Media Research makes those numbers available.

Updated through Week 1 of Season 37 (2020-09-18).

Contestants by media market

2Los AngelesKABC11

Contestants by state/province

State / ProvincePlayers

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