Jeopardy! representation - each state or province's most recent

In late January 2020, a Jeopardy! contestant from Hawaii was on the show – that state's first representative in nearly three years. That gave me the idea to track down the last time each U.S. state and Canadian province or territory had a player on.

On September 12, 2016 – the start of Season 33 – Jeopardy! eliminated the option for a contestant to be introduced as "originally from" a certain place, requiring all introductions to be "from" the player's current residence. (According to Andy Saunders, "originally from" was employed to mask the fact that a lot of contestants in the early days of the show resided in southern California, but it had long since outlived its usefulness when it was eliminated.) Since then, every state and the District of Columbia has been represented, as have seven of the ten Canadian provinces. I used J! Archive to track down the last player on from the remaining three provinces and the two territories who have had contestants on the show. (No player from Nunavut has ever appeared.)

The dates listed below are those of the contestants' first appearances on Jeopardy!. The main table lists the most recent appearance by each state, province, or territory in regular play. The small table below it lists those instances where a state or province was represented by a player in a tournament more recently than the last regular play contestant.

The main table is sortable; clicking on a column's header cell will sort in ascending order; clicking again reverses the order.

Updated through Week 29 of Season 36 (2020-03-27).

State / Province / TerritoryDatePlayer
Virginia2020-03-27Khalilah Waters
Minnesota2020-03-27Matt Steen
British Columbia2020-03-26Evan Singer
California2020-03-26Susan Alden
Massachusetts2020-03-25Adam Smith
Michigan2020-03-25Rachel Burns
Wisconsin2020-03-24Nick Klotz
Washington2020-03-24Lindsay Evans
District of Columbia2020-03-23Vikram Prasad
Pennsylvania2020-03-23Kimberly Flynn
Maryland2020-03-18Andrea Dragan
New York2020-03-17Kris Sunderic
Ohio2020-03-16Sarah Schmitt
New Jersey2020-03-16Sid Katz
Ontario2020-03-13Kim Lifeso
Texas2020-03-11Jessica Babbitt
Alabama2020-03-09Chloe Arnett
Georgia2020-03-04Paul Trifiletti
Illinois2020-03-03Mike Upchurch
Colorado2020-03-03Kim Lutz
North Carolina2020-02-28Meredith Moore
Kentucky2020-02-27Allison Cuyjet
Florida2020-02-25Christopher Cartagena
Oklahoma2020-02-17MacKenzie Jones
Alberta2020-02-11Kristyna Ng
West Virginia2020-02-11Danyelle Long-Hyland
Connecticut2020-01-31Matthew Leonard
Delaware2020-01-30Michelle Paul
Hawaii2020-01-29Joshua Swiger
Oregon2020-01-24Heather Nelson
Maine2020-01-17Dennis Coffey
Arizona2019-12-19Eric Smith
Utah2019-12-18Christine Hurt
Tennessee2019-11-28Jamin Speer
Missouri2019-11-22Seema Dahlheimer
New Hampshire2019-11-19Sathvik Namburar
South Carolina2019-10-22Andre Havrylyshyn
Nevada2019-10-17Daryn Firicano
Vermont2019-10-11Lindsey Berns
Montana2019-10-07Ben Hamman
Rhode Island2019-10-02Bill Sikov
New Mexico2019-09-30Jennifer Kinyak
Iowa2019-06-13Jim Napier
Idaho2019-06-11Dan Martson
Indiana2019-05-02Jessica Efron Sauer
Louisiana2019-04-25Alix Basden
Mississippi2019-02-11Karen Bascom Lambiotte
Kansas2019-02-08Rebecca Nowack
New Brunswick2019-01-30Sean Thompson
Arkansas2019-01-09Siobhan Fabio
South Dakota2018-12-18Conor McMahon
Prince Edward Island2018-11-02Jonathan Greenan
Nebraska2018-10-25Jill Hurtt
Alaska2018-10-15Sarah Sinclair
Newfoundland and Labrador2018-10-02Kirsten Morry
Wyoming2018-03-19Regis Michelena
North Dakota2017-10-10Sarah Favorite
Manitoba2017-07-21George Buri
Quebec2016-02-22Joshua Parr
Nova Scotia2015-10-13Corbett Hancey
Saskatchewan2013-03-26Christine Muldoon
Yukon2007-10-01Brett Chandler
Northwest Territories1992-03-24Robert Slaven

State / Province / TerritoryDatePlayer
South Dakota2019-06-17Ryan Presler (Teen)
Wyoming2019-05-10Dave Rowswell (Teachers)
Saskatchewan2014-02-13Julia Clark (College)

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