Oh, Fuck, I Got The King!!

Annotated Rules of Play

Oh, Fuck, I Got The King is an excellent drinking game for two or more players. (It's especially excellent when played by two.) All that is required to play is one or more decks of cards and a table. The players should stand or sit around the table. The cards are spread out on the middle of the table. Any player may elect to start. Play generally rotates clockwise - however it can rotate counterclockwise if the players so desire, or if they're too drunk to know the difference.

A player takes his/her turn by drawing one (1) card from the pile and doing as follows:

Jokers: Jokers need not be used, but if they are, a player drawing a joker does a shot.

Variations on counting: Counting (on 7's) can be quite a bitch. There are two variations commonly used:

1 This last rule has not been actually tested in play - at least, not by us.
2 "Rico" is not a sexually transmitted disease.