"Where In The World Is Northport, New York?"

Lyrics by Matt Carberry
Music by David Yazbek, Sean Altman & Bill Straus
(Adaptation of "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" by Rockapella)

Well, out east from NYC, there's a little town called Northport
It's a quaint old little hamlet on the north shore of the isle
And when you take a ride, down towards the little harbor
You'll know, where in the world is Northport, New York?

You will want to bring your camera when you take a walk down Main Street
If you're comin' in by boat - well, that's no problem at all
Grab a bite to eat and relax, in the shaded village park
All in this little town called Northport, New York.

Come down for Music and Arts, and for fleet blessing too
For Summerfest and Community Band, oh yeah!

Well we briefly called it Greenleaf when Frank Oz filmed "In and Out" here
And it used to be Cow Harbor - and it still is once a year
And we've got plenty of antique shops, if that's what will strike your fancy
Here in our little town called Northport, New York

Ooh, the parade, the 10-K, two spectacular days
Tree lighting, and singing, it's totally magic!

Yeah, at any time of year, we've got something for everyone
And the people - they're the nicest that you'd ever want to meet
Your itinerary should include this awesome destination
It's a beautiful town called Northport, New York

Where in the world is Northport, New York (repeat ad infinitum)

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