The Great Alaska Adventure: the logbook

This logbook covers all the places we went and when we were there for the entire duration of the trip. The book has been broken down into three legs, each covering roughly a third of the trip.

the first leg (days 1 - 9)
the second leg (days 10 - 16)
the third leg (days 17 - 23)

Following are some notes which explain procedures for keeping the logbook, as well as explanations of items.

Time: Times were recorded in twenty-four hour format. The time that appears for a point is the local time at that location. Each time is followed by a letter indicating the zone (e = Eastern, c = Central, m = Mountain, p = Pacific, a = Alaska). Times are daylight savings unless otherwise specified under a particular day.

On days 7 and 13, the "*" indicates a time on the next day.

Types of stops: If time was spent at a location, an arrival and departure time are noted, as well as the duration of the stop in minutes. If a point was passed without stopping, the time of passage is noted in the "arrive" column. If a passage point resulted in a change of time zone, the time shown is that in the zone being entered.

Computation of distance: Two readings of the odometer are used to compute distance traveled. The first is taken at departure from where we spent the previous night ("primary departure"). The second is taken upon arrival at where we spent that night ("final arrival"). The times of primary departure and final arrival are noted in bold on the daily charts.

The odometer records in miles. Consequently, all travel distances were measured in miles. Kilometer distances shown are converted equivalents.

My driving: On days 10 and 17, the odometer readings at the points where I started and stopped driving apear in italics.

Daily statistics:
Total time - the time between the day's primary departure and final arrival, adjusted for time zone changes.
Drive time - the total time minus the sum of all stops taken between primary departure and final arrival.
Trip distance - all distance traveled between primary departure and final arrival (including highway entrances and exits).
Side trips - all distance traveled between that day's final arrival and the next day's primary departure (distance while we're in camp).
Total distance - the sum of the trip distance and side trip figures.
Drive speed - trip distance divided by drive time.
TDC = trip distance covered - the cumulative sum of the daily trip distances through that day.

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