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On this page, I've got some stats and figures about Complete the List. Throughout this page, Season 1 episodes are denoted by a single number; episodes from subsequent seasons are denoted "season:episode".

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High scores

The maximum possible score over the entire game is 80; that corresponds to four correct and unique answers in each of the six main rounds, all eight halftime responses within one year, and a Grand Finale response within 10% accompanied with a maximum bet of 16 points. It hasn't been achieved yet, but on nine occasions, scores of seventy-five or more have been achieved:

Since the Grand Finale wagers are based upon opponents' scores, it's also worth noting great achievements in the "main game" - that is, through the end of Round 6, where the maximum achievable score is 64. A total of sixty or more has been accomplished sixteen times:

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Clean sweeps

A "clean sweep" is a category in which all answers given are correct and unique; stated conversely, there were no incorrect responses or cribs. Thus far, there have been sixty-eight such rounds. The categories had three players and thus twelve correct responses, unless otherwise noted below.

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Total wipeouts

The opposite of a clean sweep is a total wipeout - a category in which all responses given are incorrect. It's only happened once: Episode 28, Round 2.

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Perfect halftime rounds

On nine occasions, a player or team has answered all eight questions of the halftime round within one year of when the event took place. Two - Kyle Hirshon & Mike Klauss in Episode 78, and Tom Minard in Episode 80 - were doubled.

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The Grand Finale

The wide range of numbers used in the final round (from 20.18 in Episode 39 to over 1011 in Episode 68) means that really close and really far responses have to be evaluated the same way correctness is - i.e., in percentage terms. On one hand, we have "bullseyes" - responses within one percent of the correct number. There have been thirty-six:

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On the other hand are answers that are "wild pitches." The criterion here is being at least an order of magnitude away - in other words, less than 10% or greater than 1000% of the number. These are much less common; to date, there have been only nine:

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"Runaway" games

In five instances, a player has reached the Grand Finale with a lead that enables a wager that ensures they won't be caught. Such a lead is one of 17½ or more points at the end of Round 6.

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The first episode had a tiebreaker format explicitly given - essentially, a sudden-death category. That never came into play, and in Episode 45, the current procedure, devised by Jason Sterlacci, came into force - closest response in the final round. If both players are equally close, additional Grand Finale questions are asked until a winner is determined. Four times since, players have finished level after the Grand Finale:

Additionaly, the tiebreaker has been once used to place a player in second, vice third:

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Listener submissions

There have been 327 listener-submitted rounds (six of which are attributed to two people, one attributed to three, and one attributed to four). Here are the authorship numbers for listener-submitted rounds.

Additionally to these, three full games were wholly or primarily written by an individual or team other than Andy Saunders:

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Most passed categories

The following categories were passed three or more times:

Twelve Figures or More6, 8, 911
Not from the Sky10, 12, 1314
I May Play Collins, but This Is Not a Scrabble Category20, 21, 2325
Not a Lot of Say28, 30, 31, 3235
We've Got You Covered32, 35, 3638
A British Double48, 49, 5152
Nothing but Net56, 57, 5859
The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History61, 63, 6566
Mare Nostrum59, 73, 76, 7779
That's a Lot of Sales78, 79, 81, 8284
Fore!89, 90, 9295
Coming to Agreement95, 96, 2:12:2
War Horses2:2, 2:4, 2:52:7
A Playing Card Company2:9, 2:10, 2:112:12
R & R2:8, 2:9, 2:10, 2:122:14
PJSalt3:1, 3:4, 3:6

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The Hoffa List

This section is so named because it lists categories that are "presumed dead." The categories below appeared in one or more episodes, remained unplayed, and have not appeared in any of the ten most recent episodes in which they could have been included. As Hoffa himself was declared officially dead seven years after his disappearance, this list also includes the eight categories that Andy confirmed dead (by revealing them) in Season 3, Episode 11. There now is a list of all categories thus far unplayed.

Clearly Not a Walk in the Park50
This One May Make You Cry65
There Is No Shame, There Are Only Points94
Fewer Times Than You Think94
PJSalt3:1, 3:4, 3:6
Or Queen3:5, 3:6
Even More Than Zombies3:8

On nine occasions, categories have been revived from the list:

There's also the Witness Protection Program: categories that got a new identity and gained new life.

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