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Early in 2018, I had the honor of being invited to compete on The Jeopardy! Fan's podcast game show, Complete the List. I've started an archive of the show's episodes (beginning with my own and going from there).

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EpisodeRelease dateTitlePlayers
No. 782018-07-12We're Gonna Take the Physical ChallengeKyle Hirshon & Mike Klauss
Bruce Saunders & Janice Renshaw
Derek Daily & Jason McKenney
No. 772018-07-09Left Shark! Right Shark!Lindsay Todd
Nicolle Neulist
No. 762018-07-05It's Not The TercelKantad Svendsgaard
Adam Belt
No. 752018-07-02Nuclear GandhiMatt Coleman
Murugu Manickam
Andrew Brown
No. 742018-06-28Moose Husbandry: 2 Moose, 1 Hour, GO!Melanie Hardy & Perry Frost
Tim Edwards & Cheyenne Fletcher
Katie Raney & Chris Dooley
No. 732018-06-25A Girlfriend Silently ScreamsCameron & Emilee Hatfield-Serreno
Lydia Hellwig & Bryan Brensinger
No. 722018-06-21Well, It's Your Double…Scott Gant
Dan Gibson
Will Travis
No. 712018-06-18Why Did I Pick This One?Lindsey Henry
Gena Kimminau
Kate Hadley
No. 702018-06-141-Year Anniversary Special!Trevor Mahoney
Tom Kelso
Jeremy Cahnmann
No. 692018-06-11Shame On America!Dan Felsenheld
Ryan Kloefkorn Meyers
Mike Duval
No. 682018-06-07I'd Like To Change My Category ChoiceBobby Goldstein
Dave Brown
Dan Blake
No. 672018-06-04No Shame, Only PointsColby Burnett
Joe Nguyen
Jonathan Oakes
No. 662018-05-31It Helps If You Actually Listen To The Person Running The GameJon Klein
Michael Rankins
Paul Paquet
No. 652018-05-29Latitude, Huh?Josh Woo
Adam Holquist
Steve Bahnaman
No. 642018-05-24Andy, This May Have Been A MistakeCory Anotado
Bob Hagh
Christian Carrion
No. 632018-05-21We're Going To See What's Underneath Giants StadiumJonathan Graham
Matt Carberry
Tom Sargent
No. 622018-05-17Once Again, RuPaul Messed Me UpChris King
Matt Jones
Matthew Kimberlin
No. 612018-05-15You've Got 3 Goofballs on the MicAddy Lewis
Chris Hollister
Erin Barclay
TW 1672018-05-14The TrivialympicsJonathan Oakes
Jeff Culver
AJ Mass
This was a half-game of Complete the List played as part of a four-podcast trivia battle royale hosted by Trivial Warfare.
No. 602018-05-10You Lured Us Astray!Scarlett Sims
Bridget McNulty
Miranda Prince
No. 592018-05-07I Was Hoping You Were Going to Try MoriartyCourtney Smith
Cory Harris
Sean Cauley
No. 582018-05-03Pour A Little 40 Out For My GoldfishDavid Kendall
Dustin Resch
Brian Nieves
No. 572018-04-30Paying The Price For Just Listening to Drake & Justin BieberVince Wong
Andre Cormier
Andy Silikovitz
No. 562018-04-26The Canadian CurseValerie & Charles Connors
Liz Hudson & Omar Mahmood
Eric & Ashley Sutherland
No. 552018-04-23When Your Teammates Are Debating Between 44 and 45 And You Thought The Answer Was Saudi ArabiaWesley Wells & Kristin Attig
Mike Cameron & Scott Barber
Dan & Michaela Sweatt
No. 542018-04-19It's Very Different Than Ice CreamCharles Yu
Choyon Manjrekar
Sean Udicious
No. 532018-04-16Or Does My Misery Continue?Gary Middleton
Robert Dimitri
Andrew Thomas
No. 522018-04-12We Got RickrolledJeff Frank
Jeremy Cahnmann
Jason Sterlacci
Harvey Silikovitz
No. 512018-04-05Everybody's Favorite Cuddly PokémonKen Pendola & Matt Artz
Neal Fischer & Jeff Culver
No. 502018-04-01In a Bit of a Turnabout...Brett Chandler
Yogesh Raut
Ryan Vickers
No. 492018-03-29Why Did I Do This To Myself?Stacey McPeek
Drew Buxbaum
Wesley Wells
No. 482018-03-22Cribbed!Colby Burnett
Andy Silikovitz
Jeff Garst
No. 472018-03-15There's A Reason I Tell My Students That Dates Aren't ImportantPat Frappier
Matt Carberry
Troy Osborne
No. 462018-03-12I Wish I Watched HockeyJames Shank
Brent Bollmeier
Andrew Brown
No. 452018-03-01What is Will's Cat Named?Dan Sweatt
Pasha Paterson
Will Duderstadt
No. 442018-02-26I Have An Insta-Pot!Adam Belt & Gena Kimminau
Kerry & Kyle Benn
Gary & Jean Middleton
No. 432018-02-22The Mystery 7 Being SportsLon Krise & Kris Eve
Dan & Jamie Blake
Diana Tenery & Jeff Frank
No. 422018-02-15I'd Like To Use The Retroactive Double LifelineEugene Byon
Josh Woo
Kevin Slattery
No. 412018-02-08Isn't That Supposed To Be Gary, Indiana?Courtney Smith
Gary Middleton
Bruce Saunders
No. 402018-02-01It Seems So Obvious When You Give The Whole ListIan Greig
Jeff Henderson
Andrew Long
No. 392018-01-25Sorry, Miss English TeacherNette Compton
Julie Roth
Kate O'Connor
No. 382018-01-18Northdakota!Dustin Resch & Brooke Chavez
Katie Raney & Chris Dooley
Jake Larson & Chloe McGuire
No. 372018-01-15The Erstwhile Vine StarAndre Cormier & Alicia Robinet
Lydia Hellwig & Bryan Brensinger
Leah & Christian Wuescher
No. 362018-01-11Interstate 105... to MarsChoyon Manjrekar
Dan Felsenheld
Greg Peterson
No. 352018-01-08Here Is The Category That Everybody Else For The Past Month Has Been AvoidingDavid Kendall
Kaberi Chakrabarty
Joe Nguyen
No. 342018-01-04Shoutout to Folks and Contestants Not Appearing On StageJason McKenney
Derek Daily
No. 332017-12-28Sally, You Still Have Your DoubleMiranda Prince
Sally Neumann
Jill Gilbert
No. 322017-12-21Quiero Doble Este CategoríaTrevor Mahoney
Matthew Kimberlin
Jason Sterlacci
No. 312017-12-14I Just Don't Trust The Drinkers Of AmericaHarris Stutman
Gord Reid
Andrew Thomas
No. 302017-12-07481-516-2342, And My God Have Mercy On My SoulJonathan Oakes
Wesley Wells
Jeffrey Seguritan
No. 292017-11-30Because It's October!Dean McGee
Brian Nieves
Jonathan Graham
No. 282017-11-23I Imagine There Are People Yelling at their iPods or WhateverHarvey Silikovitz
Laurie MacDougall
Valerie Connors
No. 272017-11-16I Think You Probably Should Listen To Her On YearsMara Apostol & Idris Mercer
Natasha Baker-Bradley & Jason Hess
Bill & Jamie Logan
No. 262017-11-13This Is Too Hard!Ben Ingram
Dan Felsenheld
Dren Rollins
No. 252017-11-09You Want to Dock Me A Couple Points For Stupidity, Andy?Jason Sterlacci
Ryan Vickers
Charles Yu
No. 242017-11-06I'm Sorry, John Kerry, I Remember You!Pat Kavanaugh
Sally Neumann
Charlie Fritz
No. 232017-11-02Truman Capote Was Very, Very Prescient, That's AllJonathan Klein
Dan Blake
AJ Mass
No. 222017-10-30Hopefully Not My Score Sliding SidewaysSean Cauley
Pasha Paterson
Kerry Benn
No. 212017-10-19Jodie Sweetin Was My First Celebrity CrushTom Minard
Andre Cormier
Ryan Vickers
No. 202017-10-16Call Me, Baby, Just Call MeJeff Henderson
Fred Vaughn
Matthew Kimberlin
No. 192017-10-14That Is A List That I Remember WellJeremy Cahnmann
Vivek Ravishanker
Yogesh Raut
No. 182017-10-05Can I Future Crib?Lindsey Henry
Cody Vest
Cory Harris
No. 172017-09-28I Can See Him, TooSteven Oppenheim
George Stankow
Jonathan Graham
No. 162017-09-21Fortunately For You, This Is Not A Scrabble GameEvan Berofsky
Jamie Logan
Robert Dimitri
No. 152017-09-14I Think I Might Actually Believe In God Since I Made It Through That RoundMax Meiners
Rick Doyon
Jason Hess
No. 142017-09-07Exit, Pursued By A BearVivek Ravishanker
Christy Karras
Kathy Krebs
No. 132017-08-31I'm Doing The Math On Paper This TimeDoug Behrend
Ben Wiles
Lindsey Henry
No. 122017-08-24Because Anything Can HappenRyan Hall
George Watson
Chris King
No. 112017-08-17It's Not So Easy Now, Is It?Drew Scheeler
Jeremy Cahnmann
Matt Laird
No. 102017-08-10"Game of Thrones" Star Ed SheeranJosh Frumkin
Bruce Saunders
Melanie Tannenbaum Hepler
No. 92017-08-03I Have Problems With This ListDan Blake
Jim Mudrak
Colby Burnett
No. 82017-07-27That's What You Get For Being A DownerDoug Hicton
Gord Reid
Terrence Jordan
No. 72017-07-20Where Andy Forgets His '80s Seahawks Running BacksSteve Bahnaman
Tom Kelso
No. 62017-07-13I Never Thought Taylor Swift Would Get Me Back In The GameBevan Narinesingh
Brett Chandler
No. 42017-07-06They Would Not Let Me Back in the Knights of Columbus If I Got This One WrongKaberi Chakrabarty
Trevor Mahoney
Lisa Schlitt
No. 52017-06-29I'd Like To Thank The Search for TomorrowJeff Frank
Ben Ingram
Dren Rollins
No. 32017-06-22One Way To Embiggen Your ScoreLoren Lee Chen
Mike Duval
Cody Vest
No. 22017-06-19We've Got Three Dumbos HereWesley Wells
Matthew Kimberlin
David Kendall
No. 12017-06-15Let's Win Some Money (That's Not Quite How This Works)Harvey Silikovitz
Tova Perlmutter
Cory Harris

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